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Journey Church is not a perfect church, but it is a loving church. We are so grateful you have decided to join our church. Please fill out the form below and Pastor Art will get back to you shortly with the next steps.


The most important decision of your life is to trust Jesus with your life and surrender to him as Lord. This happens through faith and repentance. We must trust Jesus by believing his message, what he calls the gospel, or the good news. The good news is:

God created us to know him and make him known. However, we have separated ourselves from him and his purposes through our sin, bringing death and hell upon ourselves. To bring us back to himself and rescue us from death and hell, God the Father sends God the Son, Jesus Christ, to live a perfect life in our place, die the death we deserve as a just penalty for our sin, and rise from the dead to bring us life. When we believe that Jesus did this for us, turn from all other ways of living, and follow him as our Savior and King, our relationship with God is restored and we are rescued from sin and death. We become citizens of God’s kingdom, living with him and for him in all things.

Repentance is recognizing that we were going the wrong way in our lives and making the choice to start following Jesus instead as we place our trust in him.

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